On April 8th and 9th, the Orange County Bit N’ Bridle 4-H club participated in the EquiSmartz State Hippology and Horse Judging Contest. Three members participated in this event: Kylie Kincaid, a Junior; Charlotte Manvell, a Junior; and Delaney O’Donnell, a Senior. We are pleased to share their results.

Delaney participated in the presentation contest and received 7th place for her Cleveland Bay Horses presentation.

For the Hippology Contest:

Kylie (Junior): test and slides, 7th place team; stations, 8th place team; judging, 4th place team; team problem, 7th place team; and 7th place team overall. (Kylie formed a team with Warren County )

Charlotte (Junior): judging 8th place team. (Charlotte participated with the Nokesville 4-H Club)

Delaney (Senior): test and slides, 4th place individual, 9th place team; stations, 10th place individual, 9th place team; judging, 2nd place individual, 9th place team; team problem, 9th place. Delaney placed 3rd overall and her team received 9th place overall. (Delaney formed a team with the Louisa County Young Riders)

In the world of EquiSmartz Horse Judging, the results were as follows:

Kylie received: 9th place in individual performance judging, 5th place with her team; team reasons, 2nd place team award; and 5th place overall with her team. (Kylie competed as part of the Warren County team )

Charlotte received: 8th place for team reasons; and 7th in the team performance division.

Delaney received: 9th place in halter judging individual, 8th place team halter judging; 8th place performance judging individual, 7th place with her team; team reasons they received 7th place; in overall judging her team received 8th place. Delaney received 8th place overall as an individual, giving her the opportunity to be a member of the Virginia State 4 H Horse Judging Team.

Congratulations to all Bit N’ Bridle members who participated in the EquiSmartz Hippology and Horse Judging Contest.

Written by Charlotte Manvell

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