Northern District Horse Judging Contest

On December 10th, Delaney and Charlotte attended the Northern District Horse Judging Contest.

They judged eight classes of horses; for halter classes they saw Norwegian Fjords in-hand, Hunters in-hand, Quarter Horse geldings at halter, and Warmbloods in-hand. For performance they judged Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Dressage Suitability, and Driving.

After a long morning judging in the cold, they then spent the afternoon giving reasons, defending their placing of the classes. Charlotte gave reasons on the Quarter Horse halter class, and was one of only four juniors to receive a Blue Danish Ribbon! Delaney gave reasons on Quarter Horse halter, and Dressage Suitability. She placed third out of nine in senior reasons.

Overall, Charlotte placed second in halter, fourth in performance, and third overall. Delaney was ninth in halter, sixth in performance, and 7th overall.

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