Field Trips in August

Bit N’ Bridle Club members are a busy bunch. Thursday, August 13 we attended an RPSI Inspection at Greenstone Farm. We spent the day watching the inspection of three stallions and many foals. It was exciting to watch the horses in the ring and hear the judge’s comments for each foal.


We thank the Miller Family for inviting us to this special event. If you would like to learn more about the Inspection Process in the United States, click here.

On Saturday, August 15, we attended the H.I.T.S. Culpeper Series, Winston National. The weather was quite sunny and warm, we admit to walking from shade tree to tent while watching outstanding talent in the various rings. It was fun to watch the horses and riders working together in the show rings. This series continues into the fall, so we may try to attend another show when the weather cools off. 20150815_150851

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