Hippology And Horse Judging


Junior Reference Books

  • Equine Science by Jean T. Griffiths

Senior Reference Books

  • Illustrated Dictionary Of Equine Terms by New Horizons Education Center
  • The Horse ( 2nd Edition ) By Evans
  • Horse Industry Handbook by the American Youth Horse Council
  • Feeding And Care Of The Horse ( 2nd Edition ) by Lon D. Lewis
  • The Coloring Atlas Of Horse Anatomy by Robert A. Kain
  • American Youth Horse Council Youth Leaders Manual by the American Youth Horse Council

Online Games And Study Guides

Skeleton Parts

Horse Parts


Hippology Quiz ( Elementary level questions are similar to junior questions; high school level questions are similar to senior questions )

Example Hippology Tests

Hippology Study Site

Horse Bowl Study Guide #1

Horse Bowl Study Guide #2

Crossword Puzzles —– English Bit Test

Horse Colors And Markings Test

Horse Equipment Test —– Horse Events Test

Bridle Parts Test —– Saddle Parts Test

Conformation Faults —– Horse Feeds Test

Horse Judging

Kansas Horse Judging Manual

Oklahoma Horse Judging Manual

Kentucky Horse Judging Manual

Reasons (format and examples)

Halter Judging Terms

Texas A&M Online Horse Judging

Horse Judging Videos-free or paid access, but you will need to register with the site.